Friday, March 28, 2008

Old MacDonald

What's a farm without barn cats? We acquired Boo Boo Kitty from fellow Bringing Up Baby blogger Michelle Smith. This cute, yellow fluff showed up at their doorstep, wanting to be a house cat. Their barn was already full, and Michelle said NO to a house cat, so Boo Boo came to live with us. She was alone for about a week until Brutus (black and white kitty) arrived from the next-door neighbor's, after an experimental smaller litter-mate who could not withstand Boo-Boo's bullying! As you can see from the photos, they became fast friends, playing and wrestling everywhere! Nothing is more fun that watching kittens play (except maybe puppies)!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's The Pits!

We are fortunate to live in a largely race-horse community. There is a sizable breeding facility just a half-mile down the road, housing as many as 150 head during certain times of the year bedding strictly on straw. A mushroom growing company hauls their straw away for free. Because of our close proximity, they occasionally need to top off a load and will pick up our straw as well. A good reason for us to bed this way. We researched this prior to building, and had Tim (our excavator) cut in a manure "pit" in a spot for the truck to have easy access. I'll add a photo of that truck picking up the straw when I can catch them... we don't know when they come--we arrive home and the pit is empty! A beautiful thing.


We couldn't live in a mud hole so we had some stone delivered and spread on the entire driveway. I will park my trailer here as well. So nice to be mud-less--at least in the driveway!