Friday, October 12, 2007

Hang 'Em High

We already had one of these gates and really liked it, so we purchased two more from our local race track tack shop (Neil's Turf Supply, Grantville, PA). They're safe, strong, easy to use and latch and let air circulate on hot days. And they look terrific!


We wanted a barrier between the horses, but also wanted them to be able to see each other. We also wanted something economical, yet attractive. We "ripped" these slats from leftover pieces (and good lumber too), carefully measured and installed them with wood screws. We knew they'd get chewed on a bit, but more on that later... We made them large enough so they couldn't be torn off the wall, and spaced so noses couldn't quite fit through either. They weren't nearly as difficult to install as we anticipated, and we have been very happy with the outcome.

The Pig Pen

After much framing, planing, nailing, measuring and cussing, the stall walls were completed. This photo shows our first hay and straw storage area taking shape. After using it for a month or so, we realized that it was not large enough, so Kenny dubbed it "The Pig Pen" and threatened to raise hogs in there... heavens!