Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh, my! I was concerned when the cab went off the ground, but he said it's supposed to do that! Wow. So exciting! At last, I could see progress other than dirt being moved around!!


At last, it was time for delivery. When the truck came down the driveway, I was kindof shocked at how LITTLE the load looked! The Pioneer Pole Building driver said that everyone says that; it's all packed very efficiently, so it doesn't look like enough material for an entire barn!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Ready, Set... SNOW!

Scheduled for delivery on Monday, Feb. 26, I was beside myself when we got the big ice and snow storm on Valentine's Day! Thankfully, Tim's earth-moving equipment doubled for snow removal! Here's the pad on Feb. 24th, ready for construction to start. Pioneer Builders said they pretty much build all year round, only stopping for a LOT of snow or ice.

All Hail Shale

We needed a good foundation surface for the barn both inside and out, providing good drainage. As we were contemplating having gravel trucked in, Tim and Kenny realized that right on our own property, just under the topsoil was a great (and free) option: shale! These photos show Tim digging out the shale, and moving it over to make the base/pad for the barn.

Basic Ground Work

Tim Wise, our excavator from Lebanon, PA, continued with our groundwork by stripping off the topsoil. It came off in chunks because it was February 11th and the ground had about a foot of frost.