Thursday, April 26, 2007

Driveway outline

Here's a rough outline of the driveway up to the barn. If the barn were there, you'd be looking in one of the large, end doors.

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Early Excavating

Due to the very mild winter, we were able to begin excavating on January 3rd of 2007. Our excavator, Tim, did a great job leveling the barn and paddock area, keeping good drainage in mind too. We also have natural shale on our land, which saved us money! Shale makes a great base for both the barn and the paddock area.

Naked Land

Here is our property BEFORE! Note the stakes marking barn site. We were lucky to have a nicely sloped, but fairly level area to begin with.

Know Your Zoning!

My huband, Kenny, and I bought our 2 acre property in 2001. It was zoned Residential at the time. Three years later, our township re-zoned and we then found ourselves in an agricultural district, but still fell short of the minimum acreage for housing a horse on our land. I purchased a copy of our towns zoning rules and I thoroughly familiarized myself with them. After 2 more years of zoning meetings, our lawyer helped us purchase additional property from our neighbor, and we were at last ready to pursue a barn!