Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Have Stalls will Travel!

I had been kindly prodding the crew to finish the barn by the 28th of February as I had to go on a business trip on March 1st. They accommodated my schedule, and off I went. While I was away, Kenny purchased rough-cut lumber from a nearby mill, and started working on the stalls. He was able to get Poplar - the mill happened to have just gotten some in, and it's nearly as durable as Oak without the price. Kenny is a whiz at figuring out lumber measurements (board feet and all that). I, on the other hand, am NOT good at it at all - thankfully we make a great team! If you have any questions about how he came to the numbers and measurements he did, I will get the answer for you.
This photo shows what I came home to - beautiful wood lining along the stall edges for kick-walls, so no leg potentially goes through the metal siding. He left the lumber in it's rough stage for this portion of the stalls. He pieced it to fit, making economical use of all the lumber, saving the better pieces for the stall fronts (see next post).


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