Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Choosing a Construction Company

We had been shopping around for a barn-builder for about 6 months, comparing: all-material kits that were dropped off and we would do all the work; shell pole-barns that are put up in a series of days as opposed to weeks or months; and contractor-built, start to finish barns. Due to our very tight budget of both money and time, we chose the shell pole-barn option, and decided to finish the inside ourselves. We compared prices and companies on our own and also asked friends and neighbors. We settled on Pioneer Pole Buildings in Schuylkill Haven, PA (see their web site at http://www.pioneerpolebuildings.com/). It took us a long time to decide exactly what color we wanted for the roof and siding, but their Color Choices page on the site was helpful and fun! We sat down with them in person and discussed all the various options. Between calls from our Dad (You have to get a cupola!) and changing our minds, it took a couple of hours to actually pick out colors, options, door styles, roofing choices, where the doors and windows were to be placed, etc.! These two photos are samples from their web site.


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